Golly Low-poly!

Over the past month or so I've continued working with Unity3D or more specifically designing some low-poly characters for use in the Unity3D game engine.

Low poly modelling as its own challenges where I need to keep the total poly (triangles) down for best performance but still want to retain detail.

I've also learnt a massive amount over the past couple of months about hand painted textures, and I've definitely learnt a new respect for texture artists that achieve some amazing results through hand paint textures.

A great resource for all things 'game art' is www.polycount.com make sure you check out their wiki site if you are curious about any area of game art creation!

So below are a couple of screenshot! Proof i've still been doing something in the 3D art realm, even though my blog updates have been poor :P

On to rigging and animation of these characters next!

Low Poly Wizard ( Yes I know he's naked)

Hand Painted Wizard Texture

Low Poly Goblin

Hand Painted Goblin Texture

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