'Brain Experiment' Scene Finals

So I have finished with the 'Brain' scene. Its not exactly what I had in 'mind' excuse the pun ;) when I first started the project but I did learn a tonne from doing it.

Working with Hi-Poly models definitely makes it harder on your PC and in turn can slow the whole process down. I also experimented a lot with importing and exporting between ZBrush and 3DS Max so lots of good take away points there.

I also learned a lot more about UVWs and the unwrapping process! Getting nice materials is definitely a huge part of a successful final image.

So my next project is going to use some elements from this scene, but will be a lot brighter and hopefully have a warmer feel :)

I will also render out a few more images from this scene when I get a chance.

Here is one final render.

Here is a clay render

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