Updated WIP 'Creepy Fairytale'

Crickey!! Another blog update so soon! What is the world coming too. Well actually my friends this is because I am really enjoying my current project and I'm happy to say I've made good progress. I have completed the modelling of the scene!!

I have been experiementing with various renders and also enviroment fog effects, the renders take approx 3 mins each time for a 640 x 480 shot. I assume now because I have a large number of objects such as stones for the path and gravestones that this is effecting the render time. I am sure I can use something like mr proxy to be smarter with lots of objects but I havent look into that just yet.

It is now time to move on to materials and rendering, but i think I am going to pause on the project for a little while and do some tutorials on these topics to get some more solid understanding under my belt.

I also need to mention my source and inspiration for this scene was something I totally stubbled upon on the web via a good old google images search. Denmark artist 'Thomas Meldgaard'  has an amazing portfolio here http://www.tinypilot.com/ and my scene is based on his image 'Bye Bye Mr Moon'

Here is the latest render!

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