Back Again

Ok so I know my posts are very few and far between, but I can assure you I haven't lost my interest in 3D art. Personal and professional life have sometimes made it hard for me to find the time to work on projects and keep learning. But over the last month or so I'm happy to say I found some solid time to work on a project and I have completed my first full model and render base around a tutorial on the web. I found the process a great learning experience and feel very comfortable with a lot of different modelling techniques in 3DS Max. I realise I have quite a few incomplete projects which I will definitely endeavour to complete in the future, especially my two vehicles projects! For now I’m currently working on a character model and a stylised 'creepy' church scene. Hope to post some WIP soon! For now here are a couple of renders from my latest completed project "Future Bike"
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