Greatest Robot in the World!

Its been a while since my last post, as are my posts really...few and far between! But never fear my life has been full of 3D!!

I've started on a new project, I wanted to experiment with hard surface modelling in 3DS Max and I also wanted to have a crack and create a character that I could then rig!

So lots of new concepts to research and learn on this one!

My inspiration for the piece comes from one of my favorite cartoons of my childhood! Astroboy!!

There is an a 2 part episode called 'Greatest Robot in the World' and it stars one bad ass robot called Bruton!!

So my project will be an adaptation of that character. Below see some WIP shots!!

Bruton in all his 80s Anime glory

WIP #1 - Arms and Chest

WIP #2 - Legs and Hips 

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