Sculpty, Sculpt, Sculpt

Its been a while between posted but i have still be dipping into some 3D art whenever I can find that time. I focusing my efforts on learning ZBrush at the moment.

I'm running through the book "Introducing Zbrush by Eric Keller" So far i'm finding it very easy to follow. I've at a bit of a play in Zbrush in my last couple of projects, just I've already picked a bunch of thing that would have been useful to know. Such as Dynamesh and Subtools !!

I've also decided to invest in a Wacom tablet to assit with my sculpting, so that should arrive in the next few days and I'll have a new toy to learn with :)

Here are a couple of WIP screens of a Lizard Beast i'm creating as I work my way through the book.

Basic Head Sculpt

Experimenting with Horns and Teeth

Better looking horns

Adding a Z-Sphere Body

Inital Body Sculpt

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