Swordmaster Texturing - Part 1

Hi All,

Well I have started on the texturing for my swordmaster, I can tell you that this has been the most challenging part so far, probably because I've never done it before. I also found it very rewarding when getting to the final product though.

I've completed texturing the head, which i'm sure will be one of the most difficult parts of the model.

Using UVW Map and UVW Unwrap I created a template for the head and ears, I then took the template into Photoshop and created the texture.

I found that I needed to go back and forth from viewing the texture on the model to make sure the texture was mapped accurately, I also adjusted the UVW Coords in some places.

I'm quite happy with the end result considering i'm not very skilled in Photoshop and created the entire texture from scratch.

Swordmaster - Unwrapped UVW

Swordmaster - Photoshop Texture

Swordmaster - Mapped and Rendered
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